What I think of the Keto Diet

As a fitness trainer, I’ve experimented with several ways on how to bring you quick results that will be sustainable.

I tried Intermittent Fasting (IF) and ketogenic diets, I dug around for research with a skeptical eye, after thoroughly reading up on it I decided to try the Keto diet.

There’s a lot of hype in the “fitness world” about Keto and it’s for a good reason!

When I was on the Keto diet, I was eating delicious foods which eliminated my cravings, my bloating was gone and I had more energy than I did before. I was always looking forward to my workouts. I felt great but the results were even better!

Just like any other diet, the Keto diet has its pros and cons. I created a healthier and improved Keto based meal plan that you will love and possibly stick to even after the 28 days. This isn’t anything you can just “google”, it’s carefully and specially made for my bikini babes.

Back to my results. After I started my specialized keto diet, I dropped 8 pounds in 4 weeks and lost about 3% body-fat (21% to 18%) and I have been able to keep it off even after switching to a high carb vegan diet and going on a two-week trip to Spain.

I’m extremely excited about these results.


The Keto is a more restricted approach to eating but knows that it will leave you feeling satisfied, while you quickly shed body fat and increase your energy.

Here are 5 Keto Recipes for you to try!