My name is Marcela Freeman, I am here to help you live the life of your dreams and to simply love who you see in the mirror.

I am a transformational coach and help women create life-long changes in their bodies and minds. I am here to provide you a foundation to living a healthy and active lifestyle through my online workout programs and delicious recipes.

Fitness has been a part of my life since I was 12, I played sports like track, soccer and basketball and eventually went on to CrossFit, which I fell in love with.

I quickly realized my passion for fitness and the positive impact it makes on people both physically and mentally. So I started to pursue my dreams in 2011 and became a personal trainer, in 2012 I got my crossfit certification and focused on doing Crossfit training.

As I surrounded myself more and more around fitness experts I quickly understood what the next step of my fitness career would be. In August of 2013 I entered my first NPC Bikini competition, two competitions later I achieved IFBB Pro Status as a bikini competitor. After competing I discovered what the body is capable of, given the right training program and eating habits.

"My journey has truly been amazing, but it has not been an easy ride."

I’ve gone through my own struggle of trying diet after diet, binge eating, doing hours of cardio, body image issues and the frustration of feeling like I’ve tried everything with seeing no results. I would jump from one thing to the next, sometimes getting results, sometimes not.

I was obsessed about weighing myself every day, sometimes even twice a day. This would either give me a boost of confidence or it would make me feel like poop (I’m putting in so much effort and I’m NOT losing weight?).

If the results weren't coming fast enough, I lost motivation, fell off track and would lose all my progress if any in matter of days.

I’ve been there, I get it. It's so easy to want to give up and lose motivation. But ladies nobody deserves to feel lost, frustrated, depressed and ashamed of themselves - especially in their own body and definitely not alone!

After my own struggles and seeing so many other woman experience the same frustration, I decided to do something about it, and when I did I started living.

I understood the power of choice. When I choose to live a healthier lifestyle I realized that it’s not about being perfect; it’s about being the best you can be both mentally and physically. When I found the way to live a balanced life I knew I was ready to help other women like you to make the changes you need to love yourself. That is when the Burn It In 30 program came to life!

It takes personal integrity, self-love, discipline, and dedication to stick with a healthy lifestyle (like I mentioned mentally and physically). I believe there are absolutely no limits, but the ones we place on ourselves. “Only YOU can stop YOU”.