7 Day Detox: Day 1

Everything you do, do it with the right attitude and with a winning mindset. Are you excited!?

Let’s crush this challenge!

If you’re new to exercising and you did the cardio exercise yesterday, chances are you’re body’s feeling a bit sore especially your legs. Don’t worry, it’s your muscles celebrating the fact that you’re finally using them properly. Today, we’ll be doing a few anaerobic workouts.

Today’s Workout

Warm-up well for 5-10 minutes. You can use yesterday’s run to warm up today and every day for the rest of the week. Once you’re warmed up, complete the following exercises:

Tip of the day:

Let’s talk protein, Most women don’t get enough protein. And active women (like you!) need even more than the average woman. Protein allows your body to build lean, toned muscle. As an active woman, you should be consuming about 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. (120 lbs = 120 grams of protein). If you weigh more than 150 pounds you can start with 150g of protein and slowly increase depending on how your body responds.

How to stay motivated:

Write down your goal for the next 7 days. Make sure your goal is attainable and measurable. Put it on your fridge, in your bathroom mirror,  just somewhere  you can see it every day.  Example “lose 5 pounds in the next 7 days”, and/or “Fit into my favorite jeans comfortably”.