Welcome to my 7 day detox

I’m so excited to have you!

The Challenge Starts tomorrow

Don’t worry if you need an extra day or two to get started, you can start it when you are ready. Just know you will receive a daily email with your workout starting tomorrow.

Tools for Success

Your Detox Guide

  • Read the ENTIRE 7 Day Detox Guide (PDF)
  • Review foods that are NOT approved for 7 days.
  • Set aside time in your schedule to grocery shop and meal prep.

Your Workouts

You will receive an email with a workout to do at home with no equipment necessary each day for 7 days starting Day 1 of this challenge. It is very important that you take 5-10mins to warm up before any of the workouts and 5-10 mins to stretch at the end.

Done-for-you meal plan

If you prefer to have a plan to follow and don’t have to worry about figuring it out on your own then you can grab my 7 Day Detox Meal Plan and Recipe Book for only $37.

Give Me My Recipe Book

Join our Private Accountability Facebook Group

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Measurements and Weigh-Ins

You will need to weigh yourself and take your measurements in the morning; After you go to the bathroom, and before you eat.

Main Measurements to complete:

Waist: Measure around your natural waist. It should be above your belly button but an inch or two below your ribs.
Belly Button: Measure around your torso at bellybutton height. This is below your natural waist by an inch or two.
Extra: If you want to have all your other measurements for your records go ahead and also include your thigh, your bicep, and your hips.

Very important that you pay attention to always measure the same side and spot of your body to get more accurate results.

Weigh in and measurements need to be done ONLY for day 1 and day 7 (DO NOT weigh yourself every day).



  • Take Before and After pics at the same time: before breakfast, after using the bathroom.
  • Wear the same thing in both pics, preferably shorts and a sports bra.
  • Try to have similar lighting in both pictures.
  • Include your whole body, or at least from the knees up.


How to Stay Motivated Tip:

Find an accountability partner. Send someone to marcelafreeman.com/detox/ so they can start this challenge with you. If you don’t know anyone doing this with you no worries. Head over to the Facebook group and introduce yourself. We will be sure to keep you accountable.