7 Day Detox: Day 6

You know what day it is… lets do this!

Today’s workout is a 15-minute Upper Body focused workout.

Today’s Exercise:

Warm-up for 5-10 minutes. Once you’re warmed-up, complete the following exercises:

Tip of the Day:

High Quality H20! Water doesn’t have to be ordinary. Try filling a bottle with water and add your favorite fruit like lemon, strawberries, or even cantaloupe! It can add a wonderful flavor to your water and make drinking water a lot more delicious. Drink it slightly cool instead of cold and it will go down easier. What’s your favorite fruit you like to add to your water?

How to Stay Motivated Tip:

How great do you feel? How excited do you feel? How proud of yourself are you?

Reflect on these questions and seriously hug yourself you’re awesome!